Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman”- Coco Chanel

Nothing exudes more self-assurance than a woman in an exquisitely tailored sheath dress.  Sharp, smartly detailed and endlessly versatile, a sheath dress can transform you into a serious scholar one minute and a stunning glamazon the next.  Personally, I adore this darling version by ModCloth.  A charming floral print and side pockets make you a delightful sight, while a demure, pleated neckline and structured fit keep the look adorably professional.  Add a pop of bright pink coral in the form of a cinched belt and you’ll be getting As in style.

Ways to Wear

The Mad Men Maven


The glamor of 1960s women always dumbfounds me.  How did they possibly find the time to create the perfect smoldering eyes and set their hair every night?  Watching Mad Men, I find myself nostalgic for a simpler time, a period when women-like Betty-wore ladylike ballerina skirts and it wasn’t laughably stiff to wear formal elbow length gloves to dinner.  Such women embodied a dignified poise, a cultivated refinement lacking in our era of sweatpants and tee shirts.  We might not be able to teleport to the age of bouffant big hair but we can resurrect some of Miss Betty’s tasteful femininity with a sheath dress and bright scarf this winter.  Simply find a patterned scarf, tie it around your neck (or channel your inner Jackie O and wrap it elegantly around your head) and viola: you look bewitchingly put together.  If your sheath is a more neutral color, pair with a bag in a bold hue to give the outfit interest and texture.  I especially like the turquoise suitcase (Modcloth It’s Not Pocket Science Bag, $54.99, available on modcloth.com) pictured.


The Scholarly Over-Achiever 

You’re a 3rd year college student diligently studying for finals.  The library smells like mahogany, old books and espresso.  As you hopelessly search for a seat in the crowded main stacks, the marble floors clink beneath your feet.  Overhead, the ivory white ceiling curves to form a half dome.  A bookish intellectual in Oxfords and horn-rimmed glasses leaves just as you pass his table, so you quickly steal his seat.  You unload your composition notebook, your tattered copy of Paradise Lost and some pencils.  Studious and ambitious, you’re ready to (once again) earn all As on your exams.

Even if you didn’t graduate at the top of your class, you can still take inspiration from Ivy League academics.  Couple your polished sheath dress with a cozy cardigan in rich beige and you’ll be sure to ace even your toughest finals.


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